Why WebChlaat

In our day to day operations we adhere to the ChildSafe standards, but we also wanted to involve our community in our endeavors. We have developed and made available, for the first time in Khmer, a guide for kids and parent for responsible behavior online.

We have developed 7 tips, in cooperation with Friends International, on how to be safe online, for kids and parents. As an Internet Service Provider we know that much of people’s lives are online, and we want our community to feel safe when using the internet.

EZECOM is proud to be certified as Cambodia’s first ChildSafe Corporation. Our staff has received training from ChildSafe and Friends International on how to be alert and make positive contributions to child safety. We are very proud to call ourselves a ChildSafe company and our people ChildSafe Citizens.

For more information on Childsafe please visit www.childsafe-international.org