For Kids

Tip 1 – Be Smart and Ask a Parent Before Using the Internet

It is a good rule to always ask your parents or guardians if you can go online. There is a lot of information online and some of it is not appropriate for kids, your parents or guardians can help you navigate the big online world safely.

Tip 2 – Be Smart About What You Share on the Internet

Sometimes we want to share funny pictures, which can be ok, as long as it is shared privately. We should never put our personal information online as the wrong people may find that information and do something nasty with it. Always talk to your parents before posting anything online. Private information includes your school, home address, phone numbers, passwords, hobbies and anything that makes you special.

Tip 3 – Be Smart if You Feel Threatened on the Internet

Not everyone is nice online; sometimes people might share something about you or send you strange messages. If this happens you should talk to your parents or guardians immediately, they will be able to help you with the situation. If you feel that you cannot talk to your parents or guardians about the issue and want to remain anonymous you can call the ChildSafe hotline on 012 — 311 112 or email ChildSafe at

Tip 4 – Be Smart and Always be Nice on the Internet

Playing on the internet can be great fun, just like when we play in the playground with our friends, and we should always be nice. Saying hurtful things or sharing something others don’t want you to share of them online is called cyber-bullying; and can be just as hurtful as when you say it to the person in real life. There are lots of nice people online but there are also bad people online and we don’t want to be their friends.

Tip 5 – Be Smart When Making Online Friends

Many people use the internet every day and you can make lots of friends on gaming sites, social media and chat rooms and you can make friends from all around the world. If a new online friend wants to meet in real life talk to your parents or guardian. Sometimes your new friend is not who they say they are and we should always be careful of friends online as they are strangers in the real world.

Tip 6 – Be Smart About E-mails from Strangers.

Having an email account is great, you can send messages to friends and family all around the world and it only takes seconds. But sometimes we get emails from strangers, and those emails can contain viruses that are bad for your computer/tablet/smartphone. If you are not sure who the sender is always consult your parents or guardians before opening the email.

Tip 7 – Be Smart About Your Privacy Settings on Social Media

Everyone seems to be on Facebook and other social network sites and they are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, you can see pictures and learn about news and events around the world. But there are many strangers on the social media sites. So that strangers don’t see your personal information remember to keep all your settings on “private”. Also, keep in mind that you have to be over a certain age to use most social media, before signing up talk to a parent or a guardian about getting a social media account.